Mining Futures | Education
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Educational Programs


  • Mining Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Geological Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences¬†

Special curriculum modules

Indigenous Peoples and Mining in Canada


  • Mining Engineering (M.Eng. M.A.Sc. PhD)
  • Mine Waste Management (M.A.Sc.) (pending)
  • Materials Engineering (M.Eng. M.A.Sc. PhD)
  • Geological Sciences (M.Sc. PhD)
  • Integrated Water Management (Masters of Engineering Leadership)
  • Civil Engineering (M.A.Sc. PhD)
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (M.Eng. M.A.Sc. PhD)
  • Clean Energy Engineering (Masters of Engineering Leadership)
  • Geological Engineering (M.Eng. M.A.Sc. PhD)
  • JD, specialisiation in environment and natural resources law

Professional Education

  • Certificate in Mining Studies
  • Safety and compliance training
  • Certificate in executive business training for mining engineers (pending)
  • Mineral Deposit Research Unit short courses